Traveling with my close friends is my favorite unwinding activity
If there is a place I can drive to then that will be my chosen mode of transport
Some free time with my charcoals and paint is always welcome

Professional path

I was introduced to cancer research in my first job as a cancer diagnostic laboratory research technician in India. This experience inspired me to pursue my doctoral dissertation in oncology. It was while pursuing my PhD in the Bellis laboratory that I was fascinated by the role of sugars, referred to as glycans, in pathology. My thesis focused on deciphering the role of glycans in pancreatic cancer initiation and progression. In investigating pancreatic cancer glycome I was fascinated by the interaction of the cancer associated glycans with immune cells. Therefore, for my postdoctoral training I joined the Dimitroff laboratory which focuses in glyco-immunology. My current project investigates the role of melanoma glycome in determining immunotherapy response. Working with a team that is building the Translational Glycobiology Institute in Florida (TGIF) is allowing me learn critical skills necessary for building a laboratory from ground up including setting up collaborations and being resourceful as well as innovative so as to be able to perform the required experiments with the equipment and resources available.

Current position

Postdoctoral Associate – Dimitroff Lab – Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine | FIU (USA)
PhRMA Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in Translational Medicine http://www.phrmafoundation.org/
2019 – Present

Past positions

Graduate Research Assistant – Bellis Lab – University of Alabama at Birmingham (USA)
Carmichael Graduate Fellowship
2014 – 2019

Diagnostic Research Technician – ACTREC – Tata Memorial Hospital (India)
2013 – 2014

Research Technician – Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (India)
2012 – 2013

M.Tech – D.Y Patil University (India)
2008 – 2013

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