Professional Initiative

Breakout Ventures – Fellow

  • Venture due diligence and market evaluation.

Harvard Consulting Club – Associate Consultant

  • Working with team members to perform market analysis and financial modeling to provide possible directions to the client

Careers Infinite – Project Advisor (Volunteer)

  • Directing and managing team members to attain set goals and ensuring that the project aims are met on time.

StartUP FIU – FIU Entrepreneurship LaunchPad (Present) – Volunteer

  • Analyzing the needs of young professionals and connecting them to the appropriate sources in industry and academia.

Florida International University Postdoctoral Association – Founding Council Member (2020 – 2021)

  • Coordinating with current postdoctoral fellows and administration to establish the Florida International University Postdoctoral Association.
  • Assessing the needs of the postdoctoral community and initiating the necessary changes in policy.

Florida International University Postdoctoral Advisory Board – Member (2019-2020)

  • Oragnizing events, fellowships and workshops based on the demands and needs of postdoctoral fellows.

Scientific Service

Journal of ImmunoTherapy of Cancer (Present) – Reviewer

Molecules – Journal (MDPI) – (Present) – Reviewer

F1000Research – Publishing group – (Present) – Reviewer

Teaching and mentoring

Graduate Microbiology and Immunology – Teaching Assistant (2020 – Present)

Arts In Medicine – The University of Alabama at Birmingham – Volunteer (2017-2019)

Women Graduate International – Member (2017-2019)

Women in STEM – Mentor (2017-2019)

Graduate Biomedical Student Outreach – Student Support Liaison (2016-2019)

Teach India – Teacher (2013)


  1. Jordan Carroll, Research Assistant, FIU
  2. Liettel Ortega, Research Specialist, FIU
  3. Mariana Perez, Medical Student, FIU
  4. Lee Seng Lau, Ph.D. Student, FIU
  5. Norhan Mohammed, Ph.D. Student, FIU
  6. Sajina GC, Ph.D. Student, UAB
  7. Katherine Ankenbauer, Ph.D. Student, UAB
  8. Brian F. Kirkwood, Medical Student, UAB
  9. Nikita U. Bhalerao, Ph.D. Student, UAB
  10. Tshering Lama Sherpa, Ph.D. Student, UAB
  11. Julia Powelson, Medical Student, UAB
  12. Andrew Schroeder, Medical Student, UAB

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